Workpackage number 6 (WP6)

Leader: UNI-TU (Prof. G. Pawelec)

Cell functions and soluble mediators (immune system)

Participants: UNI-TU, ICL, IOR, RWTA,


The studies in WP6 are addressed to establish the role of nutritional zinc on T-cell mediated immunity as well as soluble immune mediators in elderly, nonagenarians and ill old patients affected by cancer, sepsis and atherosclerosis. A particular attention will be adressed to study the time output as TCR rearrangement excision circles (TRECs analysis) in elderly probands, nonagenarians and ill old patients. Th1 and Th2 paradigm as well as immune functions, will be investigated in vivo and in vitro after zinc supplementation. The functional repertoire, especially the CMV repertoire, of the elderly, and the effects of zinc supplementation will be tested in T-cell clones.