Dr. Jolanta Jajte (PhD)

Participant code: MUL

Dr. Jolanta Jajte (PhD)

Medical University of Lodz (MUL)

Department of Toxicology Division of Toxicology and Food Quality Analysis Muszynskiego

Str. 1 90-151 Lodz, Poland.

Group’s experience:

Jolanta Jajte is Associate Professor in the Department of Toxicology. She has experience in laboratory and research work with a biochemical toxicology background. She has 20 years of experience in the field of oxygen free radicals effects. The main area of her research activity concerns the studies on the biochemical mechanisms of processes that are related to physical/chemical agents (metals, ethanol, solvents, dusts, EMF fields) and oxidative stress processes. Her doctoral thesis, in 1987, was focused on the effect of crocidolite asbestos on the lysosomal enzymes activity and lipid peroxidation in the lung of rats. Dr Jajte recently investigated the mechanisms of “oxidative” cell death (apoptosis, necrosis) induced by different agents and assessed the level of oxygen free radicals in the cells (lymphocytes) using fluorescence probes.

Personnel involved:

1) Dr. Jolanta Jajte (F) (MUL) expertise in toxicology, oxidative stress, apoptosis
2) Prof. Andrzej Sapota, (M) D.Pharm., D.Sc. (MUL) Head of the Department of Toxicology, acted as a manager and researcher of toxicity studies over 20 years.
3) Prof. Janusz Blasiak, (M) Ph.D., D. Sc. (Subcontractor) Head of the Department of Molecular Genetics, University of Lodz (UL).
Over 20 years of experience in DNA damage/repair studies.
MUL and the UL have joined their staffs and equipment to form stronger research teams.

Recent relevant publications:

1) Wozniak K., Blasiak J. : In vitro genotoxicity of lead acetate: induction of single and double strand breaks and DNA-protein cross-links. Mutat. Res. 2003, 535 (2), 127-139.
2) Jajte J, Grzegorczyk J, Zmyslony M, Rajkowska E,: Effect of 7 mt static magnetic field and iron ions on rat lymphocytes: apoptosis, necrosis and free radical processes. Bioelectrochemistry 2002, 57, 107-111.
3) Jajte J, Grzegorczyk J, Zmyslony M, Rajkowska E, et al.: Influence of a 7 mT static magnetic field and iron ions on apoptosis and necrosis in rat blood lymphocytes. J. Occup. Health 2001, 43, 379-381.
4) Jajte J, Zmyslony M, Palus J, et al.: Protective effect of melatonin against in vitro iron ions and 7 mT 50 Hz magnetic field-induced DNA damage in rat lymphocytes. Mutat. Res. 2001, 483, 57-64.
5) Zmyslony M, Palus J, Jajte J, et al.; DNA damage in rat lymphocytes treated in vitro with iron cations and exposed to 7 mT magnetic fields (static or 50 Hz). Mutat. Res. 2000, 453, 89-96.