Project Management

The ZINCAGE project management is based on four main aspects carried out by:

  • Project co-ordinator
  • Project Steering Committee
  • Work package leaders
  • Participants

The project co-ordinator (INRCA) will have the final responsibility for the successful completion of the project based on some main kinds of activities:

  • Financial and administrative obligations towards the contractors (financial management, and administrative obligations) and management of communications with the EC (i.e. Periodic reports, Cost statements).
  • Work co-ordination.
  • Accomplishment of the responsibilities assigned to leaders of each work package.
  • Monitoring methods for checking the progress towards planned objectives in relation to the work plan and timetables (i.e.: periodic reports, quality of deliverables).
  • Communication strategies.
  • Meetings.

Special attention will be given by the co-ordinator to stimulate the communication strategies. Electronic mail will be the normal means of communications, which will assure easy exchange and efficient handling of information and documents. It is ascertained that all partners will get always full and equal information, and that all decisions will be made in agreement.

Also videoconference will be used, if available. Communication activities are considered an essential part of project work for a real collaboration among partners. To guarantee a continuous exchange of information among partners and for implementing a democratic decision making structure annual consortium meetings will be organised during period of the project. Other regular meetings are necessary in order to prepare, execute and monitor main tasks of the work plan.

Seven persons will compose the Steering Committee, which will be the upper managerial body: the co-ordinator of the project (INRCA), the leaders of work packages 2 (INRCA), 3 (UKON), 4 (CNIO), 5 (UFC), 6 (UNI-TU) and an experienced administrator of the co-ordinating centre (INRCA). Since the leader of WP2 is also the co-ordinator of the project, another scientist of INRCA will substitute the Leader of WP2 in the Steering Committee. An administrative person from INRCA will be included in the Steering Committee. The co-ordinator of ZINCAGE will also be the head of the Steering Committee

The work package leaders are responsible for timely executing and assuring the quality of deliverables through the organisation of the work of participants allocated for each work package.

Management activities:

The management activities will be conducted by the Co-ordinator in conjunction with the Steering Committee as following:
1) Timely implementation and high quality development of work plan objectives.
2) Observance of the expiry data of the deliverables from each partner.
3) Communications to EU Commission for scientific research progress and financial administrative obligations.
4) Monitoring and risk assessment.
5) Strategies of communications for dissemination data.

All other partners will have, as management activity, to control own administrative financial obligations and to refer to respective leader their problems arising and proposals for solution. Moreover, they refer to own leader the results, deliverables and report findings. In turn, the leaders refer to the Co-ordinator for a final decision and responsibility.